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FFP Fit2Fit Accredited On-Site Respiratory Protective Equipment (RPE)

Did you know that by law, every employee that requires a tight fitting facepiece and uses it as a control measure, has to be fit tested? 

Fit Testing is a method for checking that a tight fitting facepiece matches the wearer’s facial features and seals adequately. The performance of tight fitting facepieces depends on filtering technologies and achieving a good seal between the wearer’s skin and the mask. Therefore, wearing an inadequately fitting mask that is the wrong size will significantly reduce the protection provided and could put the wearer’s health, or even life in danger.

How Can McIntyre’s Tools & Equipment Support Your Workforce?

RPE Audits
We can audit existing RPE, confirming if fit for purpose
Our qualified FFP accredited team member can recommend one mask and filters to cover all hazards, focusing on a particular area or application
Toolbox Talks
Introduce tight fitting face pieces to employees and provide maintenance advice and a short explanation on the importance of RPE

Face Fit Testing

Managed on an individual basis, our qualified personnel will fit the mask

Face Fit Testing & MacVend

Face fit testing can now be provided alongside the installation of a MacVend VMI solution.

The key to MacVend products and services, is to provide efficient and cost effective savings through the introduction of a Vending Management Inventory (VMI) system. By providing Face Fit Testing, MacVend are adding even more value to your consumable spend. If Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) is part of your daily consumable requirements, then please contact us for information on both MacVend and Face Fit Testing today.

It is a legal requirement that workers using tight fitting RPE as a control measure under Health and Safety Legislation INDG 479* must be Fit Tested.

This requirement is detailed in the COSHH regulations and the associated ACOPs.

If you would like more information on our qualitative and quantitative fit testing, RPE Audit’s or you would like to book a day’s testing, please contact us directly:

*The Health & Safety Executive [HSE] has produced new guidance on fit testing “INDG479 – Guidance on Respiratory Protective Equipment [RPE] fit testing”. By following this guidance you will normally be doing enough to comply with the law and illustrating good practice. Fit Testing should be conducted by a competent person and his or her HSE guidance details the knowledge and training a competent person should have received.